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The French Bulldog

About Frenchies


French Bulldogs in genral are funny, happy, sweet natured, affectionate canines. The standard breed dictionary describes them as: Lively, Playful, Athletic, Alert, Easygoing, Bright, Keen, Patient, Affectionate, Sociable. All of which we agree on... for the most part. You see, every dog is different and displays a different personality very much like human indioviduals display more of a particular trait and less of others. We can describe a frenchie based on the majority but ultimately a dog of any breed is going to display behaviors that are taught and act dependig on how that individual puppy was brought up and raised - again... similar to human babies.French Bulldogs can be stubborn when it comes to housetraining. Be patient, be consistent, and consider the use of paper training or puppy pee pads to get around the problem (although it's always best to get the pup outdoors). Start training your puppy the day you bring him home. Even at eight weeks old, he is capable of soaking up everything you can teach him. Don’t wait until he is 6 months old to begin training or you will have a more headstrong dog to deal with. If possible, get him into puppy kindergarten class by the time he is 10 to 12 weeks old, and socialize, socialize, socialize.

Many Frenchies are friendly with everyone, while others are politely reserved. French Bulldogs will bark to announce visitors, but are otherwise quiet dogs.

Usually peaceful with other pets (though some French Bulldogs will hunt small rodents), males may bicker with other males.

The French Bulldog is quite stubborn and can sometimes be challenging to train, yet also surprisingly sensitive, remembers what he learns, and responds well to early, patient, persistent training that utilizes food motivation. This sweet, friendly, and companionable dog is willing to please. As a clownish lap dog, the French Bulldog loves playing and enjoys entertaining its family. It is fond of snoozing with and cuddling its favorite person. Frenchies are very sweet and loveable, making great family and house pets. They may sometimes have a mind of their own in family matters. For the most part however, this breed is a socialite, getting along well with other people and dogs and garanteed to make your life exciting with never a dull moment as this little dog will bring everlasting joy to the whole family. :)

Are they good with children?

Short answer is, Absolutely yes! For the most part if the puppy is raised with a child (or any person for that matter), they will certainly be great with them. The french bulldog breed however is an exceptionally well mannered breed of dor and will usually be great with children at any age. Of course every dog is different and there's always an exeption to every rule. That being said, good practices are properly training your frenchie pup from an early stage and correcting bad behaviors so that they don't develop into long term problomatic habits is the key to success.


Are they good with other dogs?

Most frenchies that we have owned have been naturally good with other dogs of all breeds. However, every now and then we come across one that takes a little work to learn to "get along with others". I guess it's similar to children, they all have different personalities. While most are happy to socialize and share, some take a little while to learn the ropes and participate with good behavior. Good thing is, we have not come across any frenchies that have not been able to correct their "rudeness".

Are they good with cats or other home pets?

Similarly as with other dogs, for most frenchies cats are just another type of animal. For the most part they will get along with cats but some might take some time to get accustomed to a cat's different movements that they might not be familiar with. Also, introduction to a cat as a puppy should be fairly seemless and they should easily and quickly learn to love their feline companions.

French Bulldog Males Vs. Females “What’s the difference?”

Well the differences are several and it really depend on you, the future owner of the frenchie. Most buyers already have a preference and should really be considered with time prior to purchase. Some of what we've noticed (but not necessarily always the case) is that males will gravitate to female owners and females tend to gravitate to male owners.

Another thing to conside is their behaviors and manarisims that are gender related such as possible marking territory for boys and menstral bleeding for girls. This relates to dogs that are not fixed mostly so that would be one easy way to take care of that and also contribute in your pet's health and longer living.

Physical appearance is also another thing to consiser in gender selection. Males tend to have larger heads and might be a little bigger/heavier in general. Bodywise both can pretty much grow to be very similar in size and shape, thickness. Again all dogs have different personalities and you really don't know what type of dog your puppy will turn out to be as far as energy levels and very actuve dogs, so both genders can be comparable in that area.

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